Sanjiv Kakkar,
Co-Founder, President & COO:

Sanjiv is the man with an incessant obsession to succeed. He is an Engineering grad from prestigious DMET of India and Royal College UK. After 6 Years with multi-national shipping companies in top positions he joined hands with Man Mohan in 1986 and they jointly charted the future course of Himalya. Sanjiv is the Chief Architect of Himalya's marketing operations in North America. He migrated to United States to set up the Food Marketing operations of Himalya in 1996. Toiling from scratch, he pierced the seemingly invincible market and over the years he has created an extensive network with Institutional buyers and has put Himalya in an enviable position with most discerning large food corporations of North America.

Going through the pains of being pioneers in Indian Food Industry, struggling through the natural impediments in emerging market and despite the world-wide economic gloom in 2009 they decided to take a quantum leap forward by setting up the large, diversified and integrated food processing plant in the state of Gujarat India. The new mega plant in full operation will make Himalya as the India's largest Premium frozen food Company.


Man Mohan Malik,
Chairman and CEO:

Man Mohan Malik, the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Himalaya International was thrust into business at the age of twenty on the sudden demise of his Father. Six years of multiple debacles in diverse businesses, Textiles to Bullion, Commodities to stocks trading, did not decimate his will to succeed. With just a Penny in his pocket in 1979, he launched Himalya with green field project for Minerals & Chemical manufacturing.

Even though his education had previously revolved around Physics and Law, he quickly became a self-taught business leader in the small township of Paonta Sahib in the foothills of Himalaya India.

Man Mohan believes in the Power of Innovation and has always been a dare devil when it comes to uncharted territory.

Throughout his lifetime, Man Mohan has been a business leader extraordinaire. When times got tough he only got tougher. Failure, hardship, adversity, nothing seemed to slow his ambition or drive. Not only is he committed to the entity he created 34 years ago, as he insists on living no more that 2 km away from the plant, he is equally passionate about the welfare of his employees and the surrounding community. He has consistently innovated programs to help surrounding farmers, to further the lives of employees, and to maintain the serenity and balance of the environment. Through his creativity and inspiring motivation, combined with the equally passionate zeal of Sanjiv Kakkar and invaluable support of the Himalya team, the company has reached the new threshold and is geared to grow exponentially for the next decade.