Butter White with Pink Salt

Himalya Fresh Butter is prepared from freshly collected pure milk from grass fed buffaloes. It is processed in FSSC 22000 certified plant under hygienic conditions to bring safe and nutritious butter to consumers. Himalayan low sodium pink salt has therapeutic value with benefits that include increased energy levels, concentration, enhanced sleep quality and weight loss. Himalayan pink salt contains minerals that help your body fight infections and diseases. Himalya Fresh White Butter has lower cholestrol contents, and it includes important minerals, protein, vitamin A, and etc.

Ingredients : Buffalo Milk and Pink Salt.

Desi Ghee Danedaar

Himalya Fresh Desi Ghee is made from milk produced from grass fed cattles. Milk from our own collection center is collected at village level and is quick chilled to retain the goodness & freshness and brought to Himalya Dairy plant. Milk is standardized and cream is seperated and cultured over night. Cultured cream is simmered in steam kettles until all the water is evaporated and milk solids settle at the bottom. The desi ghee so derived from the process has ethnic rich flavor & high smoke point.

Desi Ghee has high concentration of butanoic acid with anti-bacterial and anti-cancer properties. As per Ayurveda system of ancient medicine, Desi Ghee is excellent remedy for constipation & ulcers, promotes healthy skin and treats blisters and burns. It also helps to improve memory and learning capabilities.

Ingredients : Buffalo Milk